The RAMS-EC/IO device is an intelligent site environmental monitoring/control and alarm controller that can integrate into all your segregated systems in the field. The RAMS-EC/IO provides the capability to interface to various alarm outputs from different devices on site and consolidate all the alarm statuses of these devices to one systems. Additional to this the RAMS-EC/IO has analog inputs, relay outputs and RS485 communication ports available. The RAMS-EC/IO can be remotely managed via its TCP/IP port. The RAMS-EC/IO has the capability to integrate to other devices intelligently using the RS485 ports and can be remotely managed using one of these port with a RAMS-CC unit. The RAMS-EC/IO is designed, developed and manufactured locally and allows Tamashi to customize the RAMS-EC/IO to specific requirements with ease.


The RAMS-EC/IO application would include remote monitoring of alarms and control of segregated systems on such remote site. The RAMS-EC/IO will also monitor and control the environment of the remote site by means of active cooling (Aircon control) or free-cooling(DC Ventilation Fan control) by means of monitoring the internal, Aircon, and outdoor temperature. The RAMS-EC/IO has the capability to switch 4 of its relay outputs and this is configurable in the system. The RAMS-EC/IO has Access control function, whereby an Access Reader or Keypad is connected and control up to two locks (zones). All segregated equipment that has alarms outputs can be connected to the RAMS-EC/IO and consolidated on one system and provides a single point of monitoring overview for the remote site. Examples of equipment outputs that can be connected to the RAMS-EC/IO would include and is not limited to power rectifiers, UPS’s, diesel generators, fuel cells, AC meters, security sensors, electric fence, etc. As the RAMS-EC/IO can be managed remotely by TCP/IP connection or RS485 connection, the user will be able to remotely configure