The RAMS-AC device is an AC relay controller which interfaces with the RAMS-EC controller. The RAMS-AC is controlled via analog and digital signals from the RAMS-EC Controller or with RS485 from the RAMS-CC controller. The RAMS-AC is available in single port or dual port version. The RAMS-AC is designed, developed and manufactured locally and allows Tamashi to customize the RAMS-EC to specific requirements with ease.


The RAMS-AC application would include switching the AC power on/off of an air conditioner. The control of the RAMS-AC is done from the RAMS-EC or RAMS-CC via RS485 or digital and analog inputs. Multiple RAMS-AC controllers can be connected to each other and thus enable multiple aircons to be switch on or off from a RAMS-EC or RAMS-CC. The RAMS-AC unit incorporates a failsafe feature for both relays/aircons allowing the user to independently set their fail states via easy to access jumpers. The RAMS AC has an under-voltage alarm thresholds setting via three position jumpers (110V, 187V & 150V). There is a safety default of 187V for jumper loss or removal.