General Equipment Software Management Systems

GERM is a single integrated software management platform, integrating multiple protocols, systems and applications, into a single management and operational user interface. This enables the user to seamlessly connect and manage intelligent assets on remote sites. GERM stores and displays all data retrieved remotely from assets at remote sites and allows the user to control and configure these assets remotely. The GERM Software Management system would be valued asset for companies seeking to connect, control and harvest real time data from different assets at remote sites.

GERM achieves this by means of integration to intelligent and remote connection to these assets, be it through GSM or TCP/IP. The RAMS-CC can be used as an onsite communication integrator to these remote assets by using RS232, RS485 and other protocols and push this data to GERM via a GSM or TCP/IP connection. The RAMS-CC essentially acts as a hub on the remote site, consolidating all communication to the assets on site and providing a remote connection for GERM to be able to harvest data and give the user the added functionality of control and real-time monitoring of these remote assts.

GERM uses various authentication avenues and is the manager of user access credentials for GERM User login, RAMS site controller/alarm panels, RAMS Access Control login and site access authentication via access card reader, keypad or wireless OTP. GERM and RAMS site controller/alarm panel Login levels of access would be, Administrator, Configurator or Viewer.

GERM Site Access Authentication would include schedules (Days of week, times in day), access zones (Yard or BTS, or Yard/BTS). Management of site access credentials, such as, creation of new users, deletion of lost user tags, changing of access to zones is done on GERM Software Management Platform. The access database is synced to all sites every 24 hours. Any adhoc changes are sync’d immediately to all sites.