Anritsu Test and Measurement Instruments

Anritsu’s core business is test and measurement instruments for communications. The products are used in design, manufacturing and maintenance of wired or wireless solutions, RF and microwave solutions and optical solutions, among other data communications applications.

Providing leading test solutions for the communications industry, Anritsu leads the way in LTE testing, OTDRs, spectrum analysis, vector network analysis and signal generation.


  • OTDR, OSA, Optical Power Meters, Signal Sources

Mobile Wireless Communications / RF & Microwave

  • Base Station Analysers, Cable and Antenna Analysers, PIM Analysers, Signal Generators, Power Meters, Spectrum Analysers.

Transport Datacom

  • SDH SONET OTN Analyzers
  • IP Ethernet Testers
  • Datacom PDH DSN Analyzers