Application of Naf-Tech Combustion Enhancers

The unique characteristic of Naf-Tech is to ensure proper vaporization by breaking the surface tension of fuel improving the combustion process. Naf-Tech’s improved vaporization markedly reduces unburned fuel fragments from the initial combustion stage.The intrinsic mechanism of Naf-Tech will actively prevent accumulation of unburned fuel fragments into larger droplets during second stage combustion.The improved combustion process, affected by Naf-Tech, increases the Thermal Efficiency of the combustion process.Thus a larger portion of the potential energy of the injected fuel is used to drive the engine rather than it being converted into heat resulting in:
  • Improved power output.
  • Cooler combustion temperatures.
  • Improved fuel usage.
  • Significantly reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Reduced fuel dilution of engine oil due to unburned fuel slipping past   the piston rings.
  • Reduced formation of sludge in engine oil due to a reduction in   soot.


Naf-Tech is applied directly to petroleum based Diesel or Petrol. Naf-Tech is hydrocarbon based and will mix readily into the base fuel by binding into the hydrocarbon chains forming the fuel molecules.

Dosage Ratio

2-3ml Naf-Tech applied per litre of fuel. (Dependent on customer application.)

Fleet Applications

Naf-Tech is ideally suited for the following trucking applications:

  • Vehicles filling from bulk storage depots for fuel
  • Vehicles running longer routes i.e. >300km
  • With speed governing of vehicles i.e. 90km/h for trucks
  • Fleet with established baseline

A summary of savings of past trucking fleet tests and operation performance are listed in the table on the right side:

Nissan UD
Average % Gross Saving
10 – 12%
14 – 20%
12 – 14%
11 – 12%
12 – 14%
10 – 13%
10 – 14%
10 – 12%
11 – 16%
11 – 15%
12 – 15%
12 – 16%
12 – 15%

Generator Application

Naf-Tech is ideally suited for the following generator applications:

  • Low, medium or high speed generators
  • Any size generator
  • Any type of Diesel fuel

Summary of savings of past generator tests and operation use listed in the table below:

10kVA – 500kVA
500kVA – 1,00kVA
MVA range
Average % Gross Saving
11 – 23%
11 – 25%
11 – 28%

Earth Moving and Mining Equipment

Naf-Tech is ideally suited for the following:

  • Bulldozers, excavators, tippers etc.
  • Articulated and rigid dump trucks, etc.
  • Diesel water pumps

Summary of savings of past earth moving equipment tests and operation use listed in the table below:


General Road Construction
Rigid Dump Truck (i.e. Euclid R170)
Articulated Dump Truck (i.e. CAT 740)

Average % Gross Saving Achieved

11 – 13%
15 – 22%
10 – 13%

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